Eutychus the Scribe Returns!

For several years Euthycus the Scribe published a blog at That domain is now gone. This blog is replacing the old blog with entirely new material. Unfortunately, the old blog has vanished into internet limbo.

Who is Eutychus the Scribe?

There are several notables by the name of Eutychus. My favorite is the one we hear about in the Acts of the Apostles. It is reported that he was a young follower of the way who was sitting in a window listening to a long sermon by the Apostle Paul. Eutychus, blazed the way for millions of Christians listening to sermons – he fell asleep. Unfortunately, he fell out the window to the street below and was killed. Fortunately, Paul paused in his sermon and resuscitated Eutychus. Having saved Eutychus, Paul continued the sermon concluding at dawn when he had to catch a boat to depart.

Of course, that isn’t the Scribe of this blog. It is a pseudonym used by Canicus Modius*, which is another alias of Kenneth Peck who, in this blog opines on subjects far and near, ancient and modern.
* Canicus is Latin for the Celtic name, Cainnech (spelled variously), from which the modern name Kenneth derives. Modius is an ancient Roman measure nearly the same as the modern peck. Thus Canicus Modius is Latin for Kenneth Peck.

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